Fred Degerberg

The Degerberg Academy's founder and owner, Fred Degerberg is a mainstay in the world of martial arts.
He is president of Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness, Inc. and owns and operates one of the largest (13,000 square feet), most versatile, best-equipped Martial Arts schools in the world, rated #1 in the U.S. for five years.
He has been an advisor to corporate, movie, TV, photo, police, and security groups. He is an author, Pocket ABCs of Self Defense and Self Defense and Safety Tips.
Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts was founded with breakthrough thinking. Martial arts schools used to offer only one art, each one claiming to be superior. A judo man would say he practiced the best art and wouldn't dream of talking to a tae kwon do man, for example. Even an expert in one style of karate wouldn't talk to a master of another style of karate. With the creation of Degerberg Academy in Chicago, that changed.

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March 2014 Martial Arts Success Magazine

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Martial Arts Super Show 2011

Las Vegas, Reo Hotel

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Personal Accomplishments

1 | 2000  Midwest "Sankofa" Humanitarian Award, presented by Master Preston Baker, 8th Dan

1 | 1998  Martial Artist of the Year Martial Arts Karate Association, presented by Grandmaster Jimmy Jones

1 | 1997  Chuck Norris Award Kick Drugs Out of America

1 | 1997  Resolution by the City Council Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley

6 | 1996  Head Delegate W.E.K.A.F. World Championships IV in Los Angeles, California, USA

4 | 1996  Black Belt Level I #25 under Gene LaBelle World GRAPPLING Federation

4 | 1996  Promoted and Hosted National Stickfighting Championships for W.E.K.A.F.

1 | 1996  W.E.K.A.F. Judges Referee Clinic


10 | 1995  United States Karate Team Assistant Coach Greece/Mediterranean Championship

8 | 1995  5th Degree Black Belt DOCE PARES under G. Canette and Dong Cuestra

5 | 1995  US JUDO Association Certified Rank Examiner

1 | 1995  6th Level Black Belt American BANDO Association by Dr. U Maung Gyi

1 | 1994  Martial Art Ambassador by U.S.M.A.A. in Bermuda

1 | 1994  8th Degree Black Belt BUSHIDO Karate Society, promoted by Robert Beal, 10th Degree

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Martial Arts Super Show 2011

Las Vegas, Reo Hotel

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