Skip Ewing

Skip Ewing’s interest in the martial arts began early and has continued his entire life. Formal training in a specific art, however, did not begin until about 1985 when he enrolled in a Taekwondo school in Donelson, TN.

Shortly after earning his blue belt, Mr. Ewing became a recording artist for MCA, had significant radio success, five hit singles, and a best selling album. Thereafter Ewing began touring the US and Canada with major acts such as Kenny Rogers, Reba McEntire, Alabama, and George Jones. He is now one of the most successful songwriters in the business.

On the road, he practiced what he was learning and continued to develop his technique. In 1989 after moving to another location in Nashville, Skip began instruction under the tutelage of Grandmaster Shin. He earned his first Dan black belt while studying with Grandmaster Shin, then continued his training with five-time world champion Sang “Airic” Kim, in Texas.

During those same years, Skip taught for several local schools, and after earning his third Dan, very much wanted to feel as though he had a “home” school in Nashville. This prompted him to reunite with his current instructor and genuine soul friend Kathy Wieczerza. He has been a teacher and student at Taekwondo Unlimited ever since, co-teaching as well with Master Wieczerza for the University School of Nashville. Skip currently holds the rank of fourth Dan in Taekwondo

Master Wieczerza’s involvement with the Goju-Shorei Weapons System instigated Skip’s attendance at a seminar taught by Soke Dave McNeill. Master McNeill is also a member of the UBBT Team III, and arguably one of the most integrally important people in Skip’s life.

Shortly following the seminar in Nashville, and due to the fact that Skip knew in his heart this was something he needed to do, he flew to North Carolina to attend yet another seminar.

Skip and Soke McNeill arrived in North Carolina within minutes of one another and drove together from the airport to the seminar about an hour-and-a-half away. The rest, as they say, is history. The bond between the two of them was more powerful than they even realized at the time: Same bear, different claw.

If You have read this official sounding document all the way to this section already, i am assuming You are genuinely interested. For that, i give You my thanks and the nod of understanding that in order to explain my involvement in the UBBT it is necessary for me to drop the pretense of talking about myself, (which i am reticent to do anyway) and simply share my heart.

i have attained the rank of fifth Black in the Goju-Shorei Weapons System and had the amazing fortune of studying with, and learning from the most senior students in the system as well as my Dad. Yes, Dave McNeill, our teammate, is my Dad. More than anyone ever has been, he is my dad, and I am his son.

Dad had cancer last year and he and mom came to live with me in Nashville during his treatments. Now, whatever we can do together we do, Mom included!

i am involving myself with the UBBT because i believe it is a powerful opportunity for Dad and i to share, to increase our martial arts knowledge and appreciation, and to grow physically and spiritually.

If i have a goal in life, it is simply to awaken and become the best person I can possibly be, to water the seeds of compassion, happiness, peace, joy, and understanding in everyone with whom i come in contact. The UBBT is now part of that growth.

Martial arts, (and by that i mean martial arts taught and practiced with respect), compassion, understanding, and the heart of a spiritual warrior, can help transform, heal and awaken society. i believe that in its most evolved form, martial arts teaches us not how to fight, but how not to fight…

“One-hundred victories in one-hundred battles is not the most skillful; subduing the other’s military without battle is the most skillful”. – Shin Tzu

i love you Dad. You are my hero, the real thing, in a world where few heroes remain. i`ve always got your back, and I’m always on your team.


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