Peter Cunningham

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"Sugarfoot" Cunningham is a legendary figure in the martial arts community. Rated by experts as one of the greatest full contact fighters of all time, Peter is an eight time undefeated, undisputed World Champion Kickboxer. Paul Mazlak of the Star System, the world rating chart and kickboxing publication writes..."probably the greates technician in the history of kickboxing, Peter Cunningham is... becoming recognized by most ring experts as the greatest kickboxer of all time".
Peter was the past W.K.A (World Karate Association) Lightweight Champion. Now retired from the ring, this Champion formerly held the K.I.C.K. (Karated International Council of Kickboxing) Super Lightweight Title, the I.M.F. (International Muay Thai Federation) Junior Welterweight Title, the WMAC World Junior Welterweight Title, and the I.S.K.A. (International Sport Karate Association) Light Welterweight World Title.
Peter has privately trained the likes of Chuck Norris, Robert Davi, Shadoe Stevens, Joey Lawrence, and many other top American movie and music stars.
On October 2nd, 1998, in San Jose, California, Peter was honored as the inaugural inductee in the I.S.K.A. Hall of Fame. The I.S.K.A. is the most prestigious sanctioning body in the world, and chose Peter as the first Inductee ever into their Hall, further enhancing his place in kickboxing history as the greatest fighter of all time.
Clearly a true champion, Peter has traveled to England, France, Mexico, and Australia to defend his world titles against the Japanese, Thai, English, French, Mexican, and other North American champions.
Peter has an amazing record of fifty victories, twenty one of which were knockouts, and no losses.
Nicknamed "Sugarfoot" due to his sweet kicking techniques, Peter is now turning his attention towards the film world. Soon audiences world wide will see Peter Cunningham's unsurpassed fighting skill and talent on the screen in theatres everywhere. Peter Cunningham is the real action star of the 21st Century.

Magazines, DVDs, Books and Movies

 | Featured on the Cover of Magazine  | Inside Karate | 5/1994 |  Magazine Publication  | 

 | Author  | Self Published | 12/2013 |  Book / Publications  | 

Pete Cunningham Biography

 | Movies - Stunt Actor  | Martial Arts Movie | 1/1986 |  Movie / Motion Picture  | 

No Retreat, No Surrender

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Mr. Pat Johnson and Sensei Benny Urquidez with Sensei Pete Cunningham

DragonFest 2014

DragonFest 2014

at Sensei Benny Urquidez 60th Birthday Celebration

at Sensei Benny Urquidez 60th Birthday Celebration

at Sensei Benny Urquidez 60th Birthday Celebration

Sensei Benny, Sensei Pettee and Sensei Peoples

Pete Cunningham speaks about Bruce Lee's influence on him

Conversation with Benny Urquidez, Pete Cunningham and Bill Wallace

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Nina and Sensei Pete March 30 3016 drill 2

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Pete Cunningham with Sam Hakimi and Shawn Yacoubian

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Sensei Pete Cunningham's talk at the 2013 Martial Arts Museum Honor Award

Sensei Pete Cunningham and Sensei Nina teach a class at TKC

Sensei Cecil Peoples talks about Sensei Pete Sugarfoot Cunningham

Sensei Pete Cunningham message on Nov 4 2012
Sensei talks about his many blessings in his life.

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Martial Arts Chronology

3/1/2010  Starred in the Movie Fighter
3/15/2008  Starred in the movie The Cleaner
7/17/2007  Starred in Children of Wax
6/18/2004  Starred in The Human Stain
3/12/2003  Starred in N.B.T.
5/28/2002  Guest Appearance in Redemption
6/26/2000  Special Guest Star on Resurrection Blvd.
4/2/2000  Special guest on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
1/27/1998  Pete's son Chaz Cunningham is born
6/15/1996  Pete officially retires from competition
6/15/1996  Won kickboxing match against Dida Diafat
12/4/1993  Won kickboxing match against Ronnie Green
in Las Vegas, NV USA
1/27/1993  Appeared on Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
11/21/1992  Won kickboxing match against Dida Diafat
in Paris
5/5/1992  Appeared on Rage and Honor
3/16/1992  Won kickboxing match against Chris Anderson
in Las Vegas, NV USA
2/7/1992  Appeared on Final Impact
1/3/1992  Appeared on Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight
12/6/1991  Appeared on Bloodmatch
7/7/1990  Won kickboxing match against Lafayette Lawson
in Las Vegas, NV USA
7/3/1990  Won kickboxing match against Juan Toress
in Hollywood, CA USA
6/16/1990  Won kickboxing match against Sakad Petchyindee
in Sydney, Australia
7/31/1989  Won kickboxing match against Noboya Azuka
in Hollywood, CA USA
6/6/1989  Won kickboxing match against Prasert Kitikasen
in Anaheim, CA USA
10/10/1988  Fought Against Sakad Petchyindee (Draw)
in Anaheim, CA USA
8/15/1988  Won kickboxing match against Hada Maysagino
in Tijuana, Mexico
3/1/1988  Appeared on Soft Soap
TV Movie - Drama - 1988 (UK)
0/0/1987  Won kickboxing match against Ken Ahate
in Yuma, USA
11/27/1986  Appeared on Above the Law
Zhi fa xian feng (original title)
11/24/1986  Won kickboxing match against Richard Sylla
in Paris
11/1/1986  Won kickboxing match against Okubo Hiyrokawa
in Yuma, USA
10/25/1986  Won kickboxing match against Lance Lewis
in London, England
10/14/1986  Lost boxing match to Remo Di Carlo
in Montreal Canada
6/28/1986  Won kickboxing match against Pat Romero
in Reno, NV USA
5/23/1986  Won kickboxing match against Yohan Kim
in San Jose, CA USA
5/2/1986  Appeared on No Retreat, No Surrender
2/28/1986  Won kickboxing match against Phil Holdridge
in Hollywood, CA USA
1/30/1986  Won boxing match against Gordie Hannah
in Edmonton, Canada
11/15/1985  Won kickboxing match against Jeff Ortzow
in Tijuana, Mexico
10/4/1985  Won kickboxing match against Angel Gutierez
in Tijuana, Mexico
5/16/1985  Lost boxing match to Ernie Landeros
in Los Angeles, CA
4/6/1985  Won kickboxing match against Robert Visitation
in Northridge, CA USA
3/2/1985  Won boxing match against Greg Triplett
in Edmonton, Canada
12/1/1984  Won boxing match against Roy Salazar
in Edmonton, Canada
11/21/1984  Won boxing match against Rollin Williams
in Las Vegas, USA
10/13/1984  Won kickboxing match against Matt Moncayo
in Van Nuys, CA USA
9/27/1984  Won boxing match against Fermin Garcia
in Edmonton, Canada
7/27/1984  Won kickboxing match against Kao Sod
in Los Angeles, CA USA
6/1/1984  Won kickboxing match against Charlie Gallegos
in Edmonton, Canada
5/23/1984  Lost boxing match to Ernest Lee Curtis
in Santa Monica, CA USA
5/16/1984  Won boxing match against Fili Ramirez
in Reseda, CA USA
3/24/1984  Won kickboxing match against Tom Larouche
in Vancouver, Canada
3/6/1984  Lost boxing match to Loreto Garza
in Sacramento, CA USA
2/24/1984  Won kickboxing match against Gerof Muang
in Hollywood, CA USA
12/1/1983  Won boxing match against Lorenzo Rodriguez
in Los Angeles, CA USA
10/9/1983  Won boxing match against Jorge Lua
in Ventura, CA USA
9/29/1983  Won boxing match against Joey Olivera
in Los Angeles, CA USA
8/18/1983  Won boxing match against Anthony Joseph
in Los Angeles, CA USA
7/1/1983  Won kickboxing match against Dave Johnson
9/6/1982  Peter Cunningham Won kickboxing match against Rod Kei
in Edmonton, Canada
6/21/1982  Won kickboxing match against Gordy Gong
3/8/1982  Won kickboxing match against Fred Peraloo
in Edmonton, Canada
0/0/1982  Won kickboxing match
in Edmonton, Canada
8/10/1981  Won kickboxing match against Juan Toress
in Trail, Canada
7/15/1981  Gold medalist in Edminton Golden Gloves
3/1/1981  Won kickboxing match against Laeo Robillard
in Edmonton, Canada
2/15/1981  Bronze medal in Canadian Winter Games
2/1/1981  Won kickboxing match against Gordy Gong
in Vancouver, Canada
1/1/1981  Meeting The Jet
I meet "The Legend", Benny "The Jet" Urquidez at his kickboxing seminar held in Vancouver BC, Canada. A month before his big title defense against a Japanese opponent. Sensei Benny tells me: "you are going to be a great champion ...". A month later I fight Gordy Gong, the Canadian Champion. It's my first Pro-Fight and I win BIG by TKO, a roundkick to the head.
After the fight Sensei Rueben and Sensei Blinky approach my mother and I. They congratulate me and extend an invitation to come to their world class facility in Van Nuys, CA. I am ecstatic!
0/0/1981  Won kickboxing match against Enjar Jarson
in Edmonton, Canada
0/0/1981  Won kickboxing match against Rod Kei
in Trail, Canada
6/1/1980  Won kickboxing match against Reg Johnson
in Edmonton, Canada
1/20/1980  Started boxing lessons with Ted James and Rocky (his son)
at the South Side Legion boxing gym on South Side Edmonton
1/1/1980  Won kickboxing match against Reg Johnson
in Calgary, Canada
9/1/1978  My First Karate Tournament
The Western Canadian Karate Championships. I won my first "Best Technician" trophy along with my belt division, orange belt in Kata and Kumite. My journey begins ...
2/5/1978  My first Karate class (Pete Cunningham)
St. Mark Jr. High School. I meet Steven A. and his sister Bernadette, they introduce me to my first official karate dojo and my first Sensei, Grandmaster Robert Supeene Sr. The grandmaster and I are kindred souls. "The man who would make me like Bruce Lee and Jimmy Wong Yu."
5/1/1976  Moved to Canada (Pete Cunningham)
My family moves to Edmonton, Alberta Canada to start a new life. My mother is an amazing woman and she is the sole bread winner and caretaker of all of us kids.
3/1/1973  Enter The Dragon (Pete Cunningham)
"I am going to be like Bruce Lee ..." my words and thoughts upon seeing the legend on the big screen.
2/1/1969  My Parents Divorced (Pete Cunningham)
My mother and sibilings leave TTO and move to the small island of St. Vincent in the West Indies. My Brothers and sisters meet my grandparents, aunts and uncles for first time.
3/25/1963  Pete Cunningham was born
in Port of Spain TTO (Trinidad and Taobago)

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