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ster Dennis Ichikawa in Tarzana. His love for the Martial Arts and teaching even when he was a lower ranking student was evident from the beginning.
Mr. Cox was born and raised here in California. He earned his 1st degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do under Dennis Ichikawa in 1987. He now has 4 children; 4 boys and 1 girl. Michael, Gabriel, Daniel, and Ariel). Mr. Cox had very meager beginnings; in 1987 Mr. Cox was a machinist and part time pool man with a mega dream. His dream was to have a martial arts studio that impacted the lives of 1000. His goal was to have over 100 Black Belts. Through God's direction and perseverance Mr.Cox now operate one of largest schools in the San Fernando Valley that presently has over 265 Black Belts.
Mr. Cox believed in himself and overcame very trying times and his school now impacts this community in a very positive way. As a Deputy Sheriff, Mr. Cox understands and works hand in hand with law enforcement to help keep our officers safe.
Chatsworth Karate started in 1987 at the Church at Rocky Peak, after four years teaching the karate ministry Mr. Cox opened on the corner of Lassen and De Soto in 1990. In 1998 he had outgrown his location he then moved to his present location on the corner of Canoga and Devonshire. Mr. Cox is a family man and knows the value of leadership; he instills those values on a daily basis with both the adults and the juniors. His Born to Win slogan is known throughout the valley.

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Business Phone: 818/772-2467
Business Fax: 818-772-6544
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Dennis Ichikawa and Mark Cox

Master Mark Cox on How to do a proper hook

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Personal Accomplishments

5 | 2011  Earned the rank of 7th degree.

1 | 2006  2006 Mr. Cox earned his 6th degree in Tang Soo Do Instructor Dennis Ichikawa.

1 | 2001  Mr. Cox earned his 5th degree in Tang Soo Do Instructor Dennis Ichikawa.
(Dennis Ichikawa TO/Westlake Karate 805-495-5192)

1 | 1996  1996 Mr. Cox earned a 1st degree Black Belt in Hap Ki Do under Instructor Mr. Fariborz.

1 | 1996  Mr. Cox earned his 4th degree (Master Rank in Tang Soo Do) Instructor Dennis Ichikawa

1 | 1995  1995 NBL and SKI World Champion Breaker

1 | 1993  Instructor of the Year Master Yamashita.

1 | 1992  Mr. Cox earned his 3rd degree in Tang Soo Do Instructor Dennis Ichikawa

1 | 1989  Mr. Cox earned his 2nd degree in Tang Soo Do Instructor Dennis Ichikawa

1 | 1987  Mr. Cox earned his 1st degree in Tang Soo Do Instructor Dennis Ichikawa

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