Dana Abbott

n the Art of the Samurai and the Way of the Sword. For over 15 years he trained, studied, and lived in Japan, practicing under the direction of some Japan's most respected teachers.
Shihan Dana Abbott's bladed weaponry experience is extensive, focused and well polished. He has taught and conducted seminars in over 30 countries. He is honored to hold the esteemed rank of Shihan 7th Dan, in the sword art of Goshindo, obtained at the Hombu Dojo in Yokohama, Japan.
The following awards have been bestowed upon Dana Gregory Abbott Shihan:
Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame, Weapons Instructor of the year 2004
United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Universal Martial Arts Halls of Fame
Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame
World Karate Union Hall of Fame
Masters Hall of Fame
Shihan Shihan Abbott in his own easily taught method is able to instruct in a clear, concise, Zen-like fashion geared for both beginner and experienced alike. This has proved to be quite successful for him instructing the "spirit of the thing" throughout the United States

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Business Phone: 1-800-748-4084
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facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shihanabbott
Web Site: http://www.samuraisports.com/

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