Don Warrener

o Canada under Sensei Benny Allen and was introduced to Sensei Richard Kim by Sensei Allen in 1973. Sensei Kim remained his teacher until his passing in 2001.

He has also received instruction from several other top masters around the world including names like Peter Urban, Morio Higaonna, Hidetaka Nishiyama, Gogen Yamaguichi, Goshi Yamaguichi and his dear friend Chuck Merriman to mention but a few.

He won the Canadian Karate Championships in 1968 and then the Eastern Canadian Karate Championships in 1973 plus he set the Guiness World Book of Records in 1973 for Brick Breaking when he broke 3744 bricks in 4 hrs and 40 minutes.

He ran a chain of 32 professional schools in Canada until he decided to sell off or eliminate all the franchises and moved to sunny California where he decided to develop his martial arts media business.

After meeting and partnering up with Isaac Florentine they have developed Rising Sun Productions into a driving force in martial arts entertainment and how to do DVD’s.

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