Farshad Azad

Recipient of two Hall of Fame Awards, as the Martial Arts Master of the Year, and a martial artist for over 35 years Farshad Azad is a Grandmaster of martial arts. Often referred to by his Korean title Kwanjanim, Grandmaster Azad holds an Eighth Degree Black Belt in the art of Hapkido, Grandmaster rank in the Shaolin style Tai Chi Chuan, Grandmaster in the art of Shim Ken Do, Master rank in Taekwondo and Black Belt, Master rank in Filipino fighting art of Modern Arnis and Escrima, proficiency in a variety of Okinawan, Japanese, Chinese and South East Asian Arts as well as Mixed Martial Arts systems, Full Contact Kickboxing, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. An advance instructor with International reputation for teaching effective martial arts applications, martial arts philosophy, history and knowledge, as well as executive protection and personal safety, Grandmaster Azad believes that all martial artists are members of one family regardless of their styles and abilities.
Grandmaster Azad has taught and shared his knowledge with thousands of martial arts masters, and enthusiasts in various countries including United States of America, England, Iran, Mexico, Ireland, Korea and Canada just to name a few.
At an early age Farshad Azad began learning martial arts privately from a martial arts master. As the only student of his Master, he learned the ways of protecting himself rapidly against others. He soon learned the philosophy of becoming a stronger person by developing his mind and spirit along with the physical body and using his newly acquired power and skills to actually bring more peace between his friends. His passion for martial arts grew rapidly as his martial arts training positively impacted his school work and his general success in life. From early on he learned to keep an open mind in martial arts and in life not only as a sign of respect to various martial arts systems and instructors but as a way to live his life. He continued training aggressively until Farshad had to relocate to Lawrence, Kansas to continue his pursuit of higher education. He continued his martial arts studies in the old and new systems of martial arts as he trained many folks along the way including members of the university’s football team. That is when he started diversifying his knowledge of martial arts even more by training in various arts at the same time.
By the time he received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kansas (KU) he was a well accomplished martial arts instructor in various disciplines as well as a seasoned fighter and competitor in Midwest area of United States of America. His education took him to California where he received his Masters Degree and became a member of the faculty of the California State University, Chico. In that capacity he created the first Korean Martial Arts Club and the Curriculum for the Kinesiology Department where he is still a part time faculty member.
Farshad Azad is also the founder of Shimkendo, a form of martial arts designed for adults and the senior citizens. Azad created the art to help adults of all ages to overcome mental and emotional barriers to further develop better health. He developed this art based on years of studying healing arts from Japan, China, Korea, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Native cultures of America. The arts credibility is entirely self spoken as it has restored health and rejuvenated the lives of so many all around the world.
Grandmaster Azad is the founder of Realistic Defensive Tactics (RDT) which was designed in July of 1999 and developed over the years. RDT is designed to teach tactical and technical knowledge to personal protection, executive protection experts, law enforcement, air marshals, drug enforcement agents, and security personnel. Mr. Azad is also the founder and the director of U.S.A. Kardio Kickboxing Center and Certification program. This certification course is designed to teach athletes and personal trainers to develop appropriate techniques and abilities for training folks toward their personal health goals by using martial arts techniques.
Kwanjanim Azad also holds Master Instructor ranks in the following systems developed by Mr. Tom Patier:
Law Enforcement Survival Systems
Family Protection Systems
Know & Go Self Defense For Children
Training For Life
Last Resort Tactics, Deadly Force
Last Resort Weapon Disarms, Counter Terrorism
C.D.T. (Compliance, Direction, Takedown) Non-Deadly Force

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Business Phone: 530-896-0777
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Web Site: http://www.azadsmartialarts.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/farshad.azad.54

Master Farshad Azad

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Master Farshad Azad

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