martial art styles in Burma

Bama Letwhay


The word "Bando" is a Burmese term. Various etymologists express their views toward the word differently. Some say that it originated from the Chinese, while others claim that it came from India, and then there are those who propose that it can be traced back to Tibet.
There are also numerous interpretations of the term "Bando". Different linguistic and ethnic groups define and interpret the word differently, and often some Bando schools emphasize only one aspect of the Bando Discipline, such as that of an empty-hand system.
Generally, the term Bando means:
1. Way of Discipline
2. A system of Self-Defense;
3. The art of empty-hand fighting or combat

Banshay; Banshei


Burmese Boxing

Lethwei (boxing)

Myanma Letwhei (kickboxing)

Naban (wrestling)


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