Coaching Ourselves

Coaching Ourselves

I ask that you not only run a great school, that you cultivate a healthy family and good friends, and that you affect your community in a positive way, I ask that you look to playing a role in the evolution and improvement of the international martial arts community. 

"Micro" is the small, "Macro" is the big. When you look deeply at the small things you do (or are capable of doing), you might see that that one equals the other. 

The 100. Method is to explore the illusion of separate self. We are all connected --and in the world of the Internet and our ability to communicate to an international audience, what we do to improve ourselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually, is (or can be) what we do to bring improvement to thousands, tens of thousands, and maybe even hundreds of thousands of others. 

Think of yourself, first; Then think of your students; Then think of an international family of men and women who you will never meet, but who may be affected by what you think, do, and create. THAT is called "thinking globally and acting locally."

How To Make Your Own Improvement (Your "Practice") Your Contribution to The Martial Arts World (And Quite Possibly, to "The World"):

The 100. is a tool, a mouthpiece, a vehicle for the spread of good ideas and great examples of martial arts teachers doing work that transcends "the making of money." That we must "make  a living," is a given --it should not be THE focus we use to determine what we do for others (which is always doing for ourselves). 

Look Deeply at How You Teach

The old models for teaching the martial arts were good ones, but it's your job to make them better --and not simply to perpetuate things as they were. Make TOOLS. Make video, make flash cards, write curriculum, make manuals, take what you have learned and make it easier to pass on to others. Everything you make for others allows you to polish your ability to communicate, profoundly. 

Look Deeply at What You Eat and Where What You Eat Comes From

Everyday of the year, you eat. What you eat and what you spend your money on may be the most valuable way, maybe the only way, you help the world to evolve. Are you the master you imagined in your mind without mastering what you consume and creating a connection to the cost of producing that food, in money, in suffering, and in the waste of finite resources?

Food and it's production should be, by the time your career is over, as important a component of "self-defense" as anything else we do or teach. Use your self-discipline for something REALLY important (to people and to the world). 

Look Deeply at Violence, Non-Violence, and Conflict in General

To be a martial artist and not to study violence, non-violence, and conflict --in general, is tantamount to owning a library and not knowing how to read. Want to make a difference in the world --and find peace in your own mind? Know what aggression is, what non-aggression is, and what hate, violence, and peace are made of. Only YOU can do this work for yourself, it cannot be purchased. 

Key point: If you SHARE what you're learning and doing, you contribute to global change, the way a drop of dew from a leaf contributes to the raging river. It matters, even if your contribution seems like a small thing. 

Take Your Work Out of the Dojo and Into The World

What good is what you teach if it doesn't blossom in the world?

Live a Lifestyle of Absolute Health and Fitness

If we truly "teach by example," then we must be an example of what it is to be physically fit and healthy. 

Help Others, Connect to Your Community, Acts as Though What You DO Makes a Difference

As a member of the 100. you must know that I can't help you, not one little bit, if you don't recognize that you are not a player on a small stage; you are here, in the group, to teach and guide and inspire the world. Act as though that is the case --and I will "teach" you something of value. If you fail to embrace this idea, then I am a "service," and nothing but another nobody doing nothing of importance.

Live Simply, So That Others May Simply Live

No other factor in the world is more connected to happiness and intelligence than living simply. Do not buy into "The American Dream" of indulgence and selfishness. Live as simply as possible --and find your joy in nature, in friendships, and in contribution, not in the brand of your clothes, the size of your dwelling, the model of car you drive, or other attachments cultivated by people who sell things. Keep both of your feet on the ground. 

Continue Your Personal Education, With Vigor

The economy doesn't hold you back or make you anxious. Your education or lack thereof is your only limitation, followed closely by what you do --and what you inspire others to do. Every day it should/must be a part of your practice to spend time looking deeply at things that matter. Note: Facebook does not matter. 


Your contributive work here on the 100. --where you show and tell us what you're working on, is meant to cultivate in you the ability to get more milage out of your career --taking what you do locally and bringing it to a world stage; in the end, the more you step up, the closer you get to being the kind of master teacher we wish we had studied with when we were coming up the ranks. 

And if you DID have this kind of "master" in your life --then you already understand what I'm talking about, yes? Recognize that not everyone did have someone like that in their lives --and use THIS opportunity, to show them what that felt like.

Your thoughts ...